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Detect Threats, Take Control by Monitoring Your Home Network

The latest sporting event is streaming in the living room. Your teenage son is hosting a Twitch stream as he plays whatever that wizard-y potion-y quest game is. The twins’ tablets are playing a symphony of Cocomelon and Blippi as they lie unattended in the play room.

Meanwhile, the refrigerator is blinking that it needs software updates as you try to get a recipe blog to load on your mobile device in time for dinner.

Sound familiar?

Families are more connected now than ever before. With all the devices and tools we use throughout the day, things like bandwidth can get away from us. Bandwidth works a lot like water pressure. When you’ve got faucets flowing in the kitchen, a garden hose on outside, and a toilet flushing, you might not be left with much pressure in the shower.

The higher your internet speeds, the more “pressure” your home starts off with. But a house full of smart devices, connected appliances, and live streaming can take a toll on your available bandwidth.

Why You Should Be Monitoring Your Home Network

With all the other items on your to-do list, why should monitoring your home network be on your radar?

Identifying Bandwidth Drains

Closely monitoring your bandwidth usage can uncover unknown bandwidth drains. That unused nursery camera or Wi-Fi enabled oil diffuser tucked away in the back bedroom could be taking a toll on your internet speeds without you knowing it.

Detecting Unauthorized Devices & Threats

Unauthorized access can slow down your internet speeds by hogging bandwidth. Even worse, they can be a major security risk. Whether it’s a cheapskate neighbor “borrowing” internet like he did those hedge clippers or a malicious intruder attempting to gain access to your online banking information, give them the boot by taking control of your home network monitoring. 

Monitoring Children’s Usage

Want to know which devices are connecting to certain sites late at night? Done. Want to monitor or block access to inappropriate content? Also done. It’s all possible when you start monitoring your network and managing those connections. In fact, with YK Communications and ExperienceIQ™, you can set time limits and content filters per device and user.

Learn more about ExperienceIQ™ in the video below, then add it to your YK service for only $5/month. Talk to a member of our sales team for details: 361-771-3334

Optimizing Home Network

By monitoring your home network, previously unknown issues or patterns could be uncovered. If all your devices’ software updates are scheduled to occur at the same time of day, this could be putting a huge strain on your network. You might also find the sheer number of devices within your home calls for higher internet speeds. The first step of solving any issue is to identify the problem. Keeping a close eye on home internet usage with tools like the CommandIQ™ and managing that access with ExperienceIQ™ is a great start.

Still have questions? Our team of experts are here to help. Learn more about the free CommandIQ™ app and ExperienceIQ™ service add-on by emailing sales@ykc.com or calling 361-771-3334.



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