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Empowering Independence with Technology

February 14, 2021

At YK Communications, we know that no matter the age, we all strive for and enjoy independence. From the time we are born, our parents teach us how to care for ourselves until we reach adulthood. Then, the cycle continues with us teaching our children the value of doing things for themselves.

Independence is instilled and the desire to remain independent does not decline with age. If anything, it becomes more important to senior adults.

Being independent is twofold for senior adults. Independence is sometimes the only thing seniors may feel they can control, and maintaining that independence promotes a sense of achievement that generates a great sense of self-worth and well-being.

Daily tasks like cleaning, shopping and cooking can be managed; however, moments when living or traveling alone can mean no one is there to assist in an emergency.

Falls and other medical emergencies can be frightening scenarios to think about, but thankfully, there are solutions to ease concern and worry.

With YK’s Personal Emergency Systems, our senior loved ones feel empowered to maintain their independence and family members feel comfort in knowing medical help is only a click away. 

In-home or on the go, help is close at hand.

LifeSentry and SentryPal are simple-to-use Personal Emergency Response Systems that are always handy.

You simply push the button to send a signal to the monitoring station and summon emergency help. The monitoring station professional will have your complete information instantly available. Depending on the situation, 911 or individuals on your call list will be dispatched to you.

Features of these devices include professional 24-hour monitoring, water resistant pendant, 2-way voice communication, and significant battery life. 

I am active and in good health. Do I really need a personal emergency system?

YK’s Personal Emergency Systems is not only for use by frail individuals. While they are perfect for anyone prone to accidents, our systems provides a preventative health care measure for anyone who lives alone.

Consequently, LifeSentry and SentryPal promote continued independence for active individuals. Our senior loved ones don't have to fear the inability to call for help because the systems are there.

As a result, having one of these devices provides any individual the freedom of being able to remain safely independent.

Ready to compare models and choose which Personal Emergency System is right for you or your loved one?

Visit our website to the perfect device to keep you in the family home for many more years to come. https://www.ykc.com/our-services/security/personal-emergency-response-systems/

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