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October 5, 2015

YKC Has the High Speed Network Required for Fall Family Fun

Fall is family fun time! Whether you’re looking online to find the best corn maze to visit or planning a Family Movie or Online Gaming Night, YK Communications has the High Speed Internet you can plug all your gadgets into (at one time) for a great evening or weekend together! Here’s how:

  • Experts Agree: Family Online Gaming Night can teach kids important life skills and be a great way for parents and children to bond. In fact, nearly three out of five parents with game-playing children said they join in at least once a week.

“Many games not only teach academic subjects like math and science but also important life skills, like working toward a goal and persisting even after failure,” one expert says. “If you’re in there with them or just watching, you can teach your kids critical thinking,”

Find out more – along with some of the best video games for a family of four.

  • Turn your TV room into an Interactive Family Room where the whole family can enjoy a great movie and popcorn or an intense online game – here’s how.
  • Go vintage in the family room and make the phone we all love to talk on a piece of artwork that connects! Check these out!

What Internet connection do I need to make all this happen? We recommend our Family Essential package with download speeds up to 10 Mbps for $39.95 per month. If your family really gets into it, you will probably need the Movie Buffs & Gamers Package with download speeds up to 20 Mbps for $59.95 per month.  Find out more.

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