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Here’s Why Your Disney+ is Buffering or Just Looks Awful

November 15, 2019

As millions scrambled to sign up for the new network (or bundle deal with Hulu and ESPN), Disney+ admittedly had some hiccups in the early days of their service. Looking beyond that, users are noticing that their internet just doesn’t seem to do the same job on Disney+ as it did on Netflix. If your Disney+ is buffering or streaming in poor quality, we may have some answers.

So… is Disney+ that much more awesome and requires more internet speed? Not exactly. Let’s break down a few things:

Netflix is King of Compression

The “OG” streaming service, Netflix, was not only the first to dominate the streaming scene but also has one of the best compression algorithms available. They’re able to take a video file on demand, shrink the file size down small enough to send to subscriber accounts in a timely manner, then have the file uncompress and stream effortlessly on the user’s device.

Imagine taking large files on your desktop, receiving a message from a coworker they need those files, then zipping/compressing those files, attaching them to an email, and sending them over. Then, your coworker receives, opens, uncompresses, and views the pristine files.

This is what happens within seconds every time a tv show or movie is requested on a Netflix account - and it’s happening billions of times per day!

This is where Netflix specializes. They can repeatedly deliver HD streaming even across speeds as low as 1.5mbps.

Disney+ and 4K, UHD

Why Your Disney+ May Be Buffering

The new streaming service has boasted the availability of both 4K and UHD video. Not only are those files even larger than what’s typically streamed over at Netflix, the resolution doesn’t mean much if the service is unable to compress and deliver those files without losing video quality.

Without a comparable compression algorithm, the files streaming on Disney+ put a larger strain on your network by using up more bandwidth than a similar file on Netflix would. Because of this, Disney+ is buffering more frequently for some users.

Disney will definitely be working to optimize their own compression algorithm as time goes one, as this can be an even larger selling point than the catalog itself.

What Does This All Mean For Me?

Because of this difference in technology, you may not have any issues streaming Netflix on multiple devices across your home network. Feel-good Christmas movies in the living room, The Grinch in the kids room, and Die Hard on the tablet (because that’s a Christmas movie too - don’t you agree?) have no problem streaming at the same time across Netflix.

Try streaming the same amount of Disney+ videos on the same network, and it’s possible you’ll see things like buffering, artifacting (those splotchy pixels and discolored spots), or a delay in picture or audio.

While this doesn’t mean you have a problem with your internet connection, it could be worth looking into upgrading your service.

At this time, Disney+ hasn’t rolled out a solid plan for a better compression algorithm. If you’re used to streaming shows on multiple devices and expect that of your Disney+ service too - extra bandwith might be just what you need.

YK Communications: The Streaming Experts

Luckily, the 5-star-rated team at YK Communications is ready to help with your high-speed internet and streaming. Let’s talk about how you use the internet, how many devices are connected, and how we can optimize your experience: 361-771-3334

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