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Home Security Tips During Vacation Season

May 14, 2018

Don't let your carefree trip get ruined by predators who are just waiting for you to leave your home for a period of time.  Take a look at some home security tips to keep in mind during this vacation season.

Don't post publicly on social media about going out of town or on vacation.

An empty home is going to be much more appealing to any would-be thieves. With the way social media works in regards to recommending friends, or searching by location, someone you may not know can stumble upon anything you post publicly, and get up to no good in your home, knowing you'll be away.  There's no reason to make yourself an easier target.

Double-check security measures.

Make sure everything is closed and locked up, including that bedroom window you crack on warm nights for a breeze.  If you've got a spare key "hidden" under that very obvious plastic rock, you'll probably want to keep that somewhere safer while you're gone.  Make sure you understand your electronic home security systems as well.  A good trick you could consider an element of "security" is to get a timer for your lights and set it to click the lights on around the times you'd normally have them on, to give the appearance the house is occupied.

Ask a friend or neighbor to check on your home every couple of days.

If you're going to be gone for a long period of time, having a trusted person check on your house every once in a while helps keep the property look active, again deterring people looking for the easy "target".  Plus, should the worst happen, the sooner someone notices and can report it to the authorities, the better.

YK Communications offers CloudCam video surveillance that can be accessed from computer or mobile device. Video doorbells from YKC can help you monitor who's at the door while you're away.  Contact YKC for a complimentary security consultation before your next vacation!

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