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The Importance of Local Telecommunications Companies in Rural Communities

November 8, 2017

Rural communities are often served by small local telecommunications companies, rather than large corporate brands. These local businesses have their finger on the proverbial pulse of the community and its needs.

Large, corporate Internet service providers may not see the value in investing what it takes to build faster fiber networks in rural areas. Local telecom companies live, work and go to school in those same areas. They're providing service to their friends, families, and co-workers, so they do understand why these improvements are necessary and valuable. Here are a few other reasons that local telecommunications companies are important in rural regions.

Focused Entirely on a Limited Market

A small local telecommunications company puts all of its resources into its target market. They don't need to split their attention into multiple regions, which allows them to offer services completely customized for their customers. In some cases, this also means that the pricing is more in-line with the local cost of living.

Fewer Layers in the Organization

A smaller telecommunications company typically doesn't have as many layers as national organizations. Customers may know many of the people working for the business, and the owner is closer to the front-line employees. The personal touch comes through in many ways in the customer experience. When people encounter problems with their service, their calls are usually handled in-house. Escalations and transfers go across an office, rather than across the world, which can reduce problems in customer support hand-offs.

Invested in the Community

YK Communications is an active community partner offering and expanding fiber internet access in rural communities like Ganado, Louise, Markham, and El Campo, TX. Individuals in the area can show support for fiber internet in their neighborhood by signing up and becoming a backer of the recent expansion project at www.ElCampoFiber.com. Our family-owned local telecommunications company has a strong commitment to serving neighbors and bringing innovation to our local community.

YK Communications has worked on implementing fiber internet since the 1990s. The broadband speed makes it possible for local communities to access fast and reliable Internet access, which is a must for daily life. We aim to empower businesses and homes with cost-effective, high-speed packages. Learn more about our community involvement here.

Small local telecommunications companies have a valuable place in their rural regions. These areas may not see fiber Internet for years without their help. We are proud to bring quality telecommunication services to our area.

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