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Local Service Providers Make Big Impacts in Small Towns

January 5, 2022

When choosing a rural broadband service provider, it is important to consider all the ways local service providers make big impacts in small towns. Our experience is in providing telecommunications services (high-speed internet, security, and voice services) to Ganado, Louise, El Campo, Danevang, and Markham, Texas, so our decades of community involvement prepare us for this topic.

Hometown Customer Service

While this is not meant to be a list of the benefits of shopping local and using locally-owned service providers, we can’t gloss over the fact that high touch, personalized service offered by local service providers elevates the small town experience.

When family-owned businesses offer 5-star customer service, it puts pressure on its competitors to at least meet that standard of care. Without the bar being raised by these local service providers, big box and big name service providers could get away with it’s typical “you are caller number 28, please hold” attitude more easily.

Hiring Locally

As local service providers, we don’t bus in dozens of employees from “corporate.” In fact, you’ll catch us at the county job fairs and visiting with students during career day. We value the roots our team members have with the community, so we invest in hiring, training, and promoting local talent.

Giving Back in a Big Way

Whether it’s a Little League sponsorship, event underwriting, or academic and vocational scholarships for students, local service providers give back to the communities they serve. 

Here’s an example of how YK Communications gives back to our surrounding communities through our charitable arm, The Young Family Foundation:

In Touch with the Community

Current events, attitudes, local news, and the highs and lows of the community impact local service providers much like the citizens of those communities. This is primarily because the organization is made up of local residents, but it is also because the employees live, work, and play in the community. They’re the eyes and ears of service providers, and this keeps the entire organization more in tune with its customers.

Put simply: We get it, because we’re right here with you.

Local Providers Show Up

Event sponsorships? Volunteer opportunities? Local service providers don’t just send a check - we send warm bodies. The smiles and helping hands of our organizations are the same ones you’ll see at Kid Fish El Campo, Texas or Project Graduation.

We applaud any effort to make monetary contributions to rural communities, but we also think being the boots on the ground of community service is a *little* something extra.

Willing to Invest in Rural

We don’t pass up a chance to help our local communities, and we mean that in every tier of our business. For the telecommunications industry, a key difference between rural broadband providers and “the big guys” is our unwillingness to overlook small towns.

While densely-populated cities might guarantee a return on infrastructure investment, your local service providers are concerned about more than the bottom line. In fact, we fiercely advocate for rural broadband access and work hard to make resources stretch - bringing better technology to more small town folks every day.

To prove it, check out our fiber internet project at ElCampoFiber.com, where we’re rallying support for faster, more reliable fiber internet around El Campo, TX.

Are you sold on using a local provider yet? Call your family-owned plumber, electrician, or landscaper today. If you’re ready for new or upgraded internet service, we’re ready to talk. Call our very knowledgeable, very LOCAL team of experts at 361-771-3334.

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