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What’s Next In Tech According To YK Employees

June 23, 2021

We may not be living on Mars or traveling to work using jet packs, but there's no doubt the coming years will bring many exciting technological advances. What's next in technology is a strange yet exciting topic.

Here at YK Communications, our Network Operations team keeps eyes on the future and closely follows trends. By doing so, our team can prepare to adapt to this rapidly changing world of technology. 

YK's Technology Specialists dive into what's coming up next in technology so we know what we can look forward to.

IoT — The Internet of Things

Jon Reid, YK Central Office Engineer

The Internet of things describes the network of physical objects—a.k.a. "things"—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet.

Everyone loves gadgets, and every year more and more smart home gadgets hit the market for everyday consumers like you and I. Each is becoming more affordable and easier to use. 

I like smart home gadgets because it’s nice for your doors to lock every night automatically or lighting to operate while you’re out of town, and cameras to notify you when someone drives down your driveway while at work.

Everyone loves things that make life easier and all at your fingertips, which is why YK Communications offers services like our Cloud Cam Video Solutions and Personal Emergency Response Systems to our customers. 

Artificial Intelligence in our Day-to-Day Lives

Patricio Martinez Jr., YK Support Specialist

AI, Artificial Intelligence, is applied everywhere in today's world. Navigation apps can read road signs; Music apps use your listening history, weather, and time of day to make recommendations; And online videos add automatic captions by analyzing the audio in many different languages. 

These are just a small glimpse of what AI can accomplish and it is steadily becoming more advanced everyday. The possibilities are seemingly endless. All of these tools augment our ability to be more productive and stay focused on what is important to us. The burden of having to constantly deal with information overload is passed on to AI.

AI is being used by farmers to maximize growing season potential and to optimize planting patterns. Small businesses are able to have virtual assistants that they can interact with like a real administrative assistant. This lowers overhead and allows them to hire skilled workers to fill other needed positions. 

E-Commerce is also heavily driven by AI. Chatbots, Ad tailoring, and predictive purchases all play a part in building brand loyalty. As a Rural Community, AI in E-Commerce allows our local brands to have a global presence that was not possible even as little as a few decades ago.

Worldwide Accessibility and Affordability of 5G Networks

Hayden Stephens, YK Network Operations Support Specialist

With the increase in video conferencing, remote working, social media and digital conferencing reliable connectivity and bandwidth are crucial. As we continue to manage school and work on the go, 5G’s importance will continue to grow in keeping everyone connected.

This would allow folks, even in rural areas, to have faster connectivity while away from home or the office networks to continue tasks. 

The probability of 5G networks replacing rural broadband is not likely; however, we could see the price of having cellular connectivity lower once more and more companies roll out their networks. 

Are Connected Cars Next In Technology?

Ryan Klekar, YK Network Engineer

Connected cars are part of the Internet of Things, IoT.

As well as letting you control specific items remotely, often via a smartphone app, these cars can also communicate with other products. 

That means you could ask your connected fridge if you’re running low on milk, and if you are, it can order more directly from your preferred supplier. 

Connected cars offer a wider range of communication possibilities than many other connected devices. In addition to enabling their users to gain real-time access to all sorts of information, they can facilitate contact between the car and the dealership and alert the emergency services if you've been involved in an accident.

Cars will use cellular connectivity more to keep their software and maps up-to-date. They will rely less on the user's home wifi and mobile phone as connectivity for software updates and apps like Waze.

Cyber Security - Next Level Technology

Claudia Ayala, YK Senior Support Specialist

Cyber Security is something that has been around for awhile, but will evolve just as other technologies are. 

Hackers and threats being made by these people are not going away. As new technology comes out, the more enhanced security is. 

Hackers will find their way to get through the toughest measures. As long as there are hackers, cyber security will play a big role in technology.

Living in a small rural community like ours, it’s crucial to stress the importance of cyber security and the impact it could have on a business, or even in your personal life. Cyber security is beneficial to anyone who has any type of technology. 

At YK Communications, our Technical Support Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is ready to provide assistance with issues related to your Internet and email service.

IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Connected Cars…Who could have predicted that you and I could experience this in our lifetime? We’ve come a long way from what began in 1948 as Ganado Telephone Company. 

YK Communications has evolved along with technology to become your go-to resource for a broad range of communications solutions. Stay up to date by visiting our website, or follow us on social media using the handle @ykcomms. 

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