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Video Surveillance Myths Busted

May 10, 2022

The popularity of video surveillance systems for home and business has brought some “untruths” to the surface. We hope to dispel some of the most iconic myths. We are here to help build your confidence when ordering your next Home Video Surveillance System with YK Communications.

Video Surveillance Myth #1

The point of cameras is to catch criminals in the act.

YK Communications’ Response:

While high-definition recordings make for easy evidence, having cameras can actually deter crime altogether. In some cases, insurance companies can give discounts for having video surveillance systems. Beyond criminal deterrence, businesses can use video surveillance as a process improvement tool.

Let's look at Myth #2

Anyone can provide and install video surveillance or security cameras.

YK Communications’ Response:

The network video systems we provide as part of our CloudCam Video Solutions fall under the category of "alarm systems" as defined by Texas DPS. Because of this, we have to maintain a license in order to sell them.

In fact, we are the ONLY licensed security camera dealer in Jackson County, Texas. To learn more about the services and benefits that YK offers, read our story here: https://www.ykc.com/our-story/

Now, for Myth #3

Plug-and-play systems are so easy! Even I can do it.

YK Communications’ Response:

The problem with plug-and-play systems is that the maintenance, management, and system monitoring fall on the user. These “security in a box” products seem great until any advanced issues arise. These can include technology upgrades, placement, evolving threats, and other responsibilities. A professionally installed system with a great support team is the way to go.

And finally, Myth #4

The installation will be a complicated mess of wires and hardware.

YK Communications’ Response:

As computers have gotten smaller over the years, so have cameras. As the picture quality has gotten better, the cameras themselves have gotten more sleek and slim. We also don’t use old analog wiring systems during installation. Today’s systems require minimal wires (often just a single CAT-5 ethernet cable). One of the most frequent compliments we receive at YK is that the process was “so much quicker and easier than I thought it would be!”

With all that said, we’re sure you have your own questions about services like YK Communications’ CloudCam Video Solutions. Click here to view our service options, or give a friendly specialist a call today at 361-771-3334. No matter the season, we’re happy to offer a free consultation!

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