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What We Love About Being A Rural Service Provider in Texas

February 16, 2019

It would surprise some residents of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio that small, family-owned rural telecommunications companies like YK Communications even exist anymore. When cities are filled with billboards and radio ads touting “the big guys,” it’s easy for the hometown rural service providers on the outskirts of the metropolitan areas to be heard.

That challenge mostly motivates us to provide exceptional customer service, but it also causes us to reflect on exactly what it is about being a rural service provider that we love so much. So, here it is:

Why We Love Being Able To Offer Rural Broadband Service

Bringing a service to those who need it most.

When our customers are an hour or longer from the nearest medical specialist, being able to connect with online medical resources can make a real difference. With an increase in popularity of telemedicine in rural areas, we know our high-speed internet service can provide an important connection to timely medical assistance.

In that same vein, our local schools can interact with other classrooms across the world, take part in iTV courses, and take virtual tours of places like The Statue of Liberty, the Taj Mahal, or even a museum from the nearest metro area when a field trip isn’t in the cards.

Getting to know our customers personally.

We can’t imagine a scenario where a YK Communications customer would say they “feel like just a number.” In fact, they’d be more likely to get a birthday card in the mail or a hearty handshake at the grocery store. We’re to know our customers and provide their homes and offices with quality services like high-speed internet, voice services, and security systems.

Living, working, and playing where we serve.

Our employees could very well share a movie theater row, church pew, convenience store parking lot, or fishing hole with our customers on any given day. We love that. When our customers call in to let us know their home or office needs, they get 5-star service because we know those interactions count. Throughout Ganado, Louise, El Campo, and Markham, we’re happy to share the road with the friendly customers we’re proud to serve.

Being able to give back locally.

Our work doesn’t end when the office lights go off. Being able to provide services to rural communities means we get the opportunity to contribute in a very personal way to the areas we serve.

YK Communications is able to consistently give back to the communities in which we all live and work thanks to the growing list of local homes and businesses we serve.

Proud To Be A Rural Broadband Provider

Super Bowl-grade commercials and massive billboard campaigns may work for the “big guys,” but if being an active, personal contributor to our rural area is the alternative, we’re happy to be the small guys.

If you’re ready to see what all this rural service provider can do for you, give our friendly team a call: 361-771-3334. We can’t wait to meet you!

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