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Zone A Status Update 08/05/19

August 5, 2019

The placement of conduit, handholes and other initial preparations have been completed in the green shaded areas along Sue Street and Judy Street.

The same work is being finished in the yellow shaded areas along Hutchins Lane and Myatt Lane.  This week conduiet and handhole placement will begin in the purple shaded area along Myatt Lane from Hardy Street to just south of Town & Country.

The Zone A project is currently on schedule.  Everyone is encouraged to sign up at www.elcampofiber.com as soon as possible to be included on the first set of installations for service.

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Back to School Bandwidth: Speed Students Need

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School is back in session throughout our service area.  The internet, and computer technology of all sorts, has become an extremely valuable tool in the pursuit of educating our children.  From scrawling on stone tablets to manipulating touch-screen electronic tablets, kids now have access to far more information and are able to access it much […]
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