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Zone A Status Update 09/16/19

September 16, 2019

"Members of our construction crews will be entering customer property September 23rd-October 4th."

Important Fiber Deployment Update from YK Communications

Construction for Zone A is still on schedule. Crews are finishing up the initial phase of construction at the Meadow Lane and Town & Country area. We are also working on the crossing of West Loop and to set an electronics cabinet in that area. Our team has been preparing for construction with the Regency subdivision that will take place the week of September 23. 

Members of our construction crews will be entering customer property September 23rd through October 4th. Technicians will need access to the exterior of the homes only, but may need access into back yards and through gates. During this time, equipment housings will be installed onto home and fiber testing will begin. Members of our construction teams will have “YK Communications” identified on their trucks and on themselves. 

If we do not experience any delays, we should begin installing services for customers mid-October. The project completion is still schedule for the end of December.

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